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I also tell you that his invention is thanks to the development of the two-stroke internal combustion engine, which begins to be the mechanism used by the first vehicles, which makes this type of compressors work in the same way, since they start from the same physical/chemical principle, which makes its boom for the mid-twentieth century is growing, and its research and designs improved over time.

The development of this type of engines to be installed in compression mechanisms is also developed by the need to have machines that reach places where there were no sources of electricity, such as the field or forest, especially for the development or expansion of the cities, since for the construction of the same the use of pneumatic tools was necessary that they worked by means of compressed air to advance faster in the development of the cities, highways, etc. , which made this engine ideal for this type of work, which led to its series production and its design improvements.

Point of view of continuous operation, but it is also critical to the extent that compressed air strongly influences the quality of the products. If the quality of the compressed air is not correct and it is not guaranteed, it is highly probable that the final products do not have the appropriate characteristics, either due to faulty processes or because the machines could not function at the correct performance.

But you have to have something bright from the beginning: the reliability and safety of the energy coming from the compressed air do not only happen by putting more compressors. On the contrary, one of the most frequent errors in its management is not in the production of breath, but especially in its regulation and distribution within the system of the plant.

Making a comparison with the gas, nobody would think of having a pipe with problems or not having an adequate regulation of output because both are highly dangerous, but it is clear that many industries -even those of considerable size- do not have these same precautions with its compressed air systems. Therefore, some losses affect production, quality and result in substantial economic damage.

Therefore, when thinking about a compressed air system, it is essential to design and operate it to be reliable, productive and efficient. Although these are characteristics that may seem obvious, it is widespread to find that they are not considered when designing and operating a compressed air system. Reliability, as we stated, is not only in having enough compressors but in creating a system that allows a quick and appropriate response in case of failure in the air supply. In almost all production processes, compressed air is a basic supply, and the lack of this input can cause a very expensive stopping of a production line or an entire plant.

It is necessary to ask then, how do I handle a possible unexpected failure of one of the compressors? Is there a backup compressor? If it exists, are the systems and controls adequate to load and maintain the pressure in the system without affecting production? If there is no backup compressor or not enough, how can I stop the processor reduce its output volume in a controlled manner?

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The final process in the manufacture of industrial and consumer products is priming, painting, lacquering or varnishing. Compressed air is present in all this process, and its quality also depends on the final finish.

In most industrial processes the use of compressed air is necessary. Its applications within the manufacture of products are very diverse, but a very characteristic is that corresponding to the primer, painted, lacquered or varnished. Any product that is manufactured needs a final finish that is usually done with paints or varnishes.

Compressed air is present throughout the process of painting or varnishing. The final quality of the finished product is directly related to the quality of the compressed air used in the process.

It is clear that every industry is a world and each manufacturing process is designed specifically for each product. For this reason, this article will give an overview of how to properly use compressed air in painting processes, with tips and recommendations that can generally be applied to each production.

Ensure the necessary pressure at the entrance of the cabin, robot or paint spray gun. We can not give a standard pressure value, but we can recommend that influence be considered as the sum of the amount recommended by the manufacturer for the painting equipment plus the loss of pressure that occurs in the compressed air line and the material of treatment.

Ensure the air flow required for the capacity of the painting process. To determine the flow rate of the compressor or the supply of the existing airline, the flow rate of each of the painting equipment must be added as recommended by the manufacturer and a coefficient of simultaneity applied. To learn more about this point, you can read the article: ” 4 tips to calculate the flow of a compressor “.

The compressed air is in direct contact with the paint or varnish, which implies that if its quality is deficient, it can contaminate it. As it has been seen previously, the effect that the contaminants can have on the paint or varnish is very varied, but what is produced in all cases is a defective or low-quality finish, with which the final product should Being rejected.

The manufacturing processes are increasingly technified and with higher quality standards due to the high competition and the demand of the consumers. A defective final product can bring significant economic losses to the company, so investing in quality compressed air, in the long run, is very profitable.

Analysis of the different types of compressors and explanation of their general operation, to facilitate the knowledge of their characteristics and applications.

The technology of compressed air and gases, however static it may seem, is in constant evolution. Manufacturers have spent many years researching new designs that adapt to different market demands.

The compressors or vacuum pumps have applications hundreds of industries and processes, so alternatives and adaptability of manufacturers designs are manifold. What is commonly known as a gas compressor, comprises a series of machines with different structures and models.

Its manufacture is also part of the change of tools and machines that used steam as an energy source to others whose operation no longer depends on coal and water but its mechanism can work by burning fuels extracted from the subsoil, which begins to grant a greater security to the industrial processes, since they do not produce the explosions and accidents that produced the steam mechanisms.